WhimMill is a Bloomington, IN based startup that builds great looking interactive products. WhimMill uses creativity and story to draw people together and make content more enjoyable and understandable. Our team has over 10 years experience building products together including mobile apps, websites, web tools,  travel apps, location-based apps and platforms, and augmented reality apps.


Founder/Managing Partner/WHY

WhimMill’s Head Yoda

Chris Borland
Chris Borland 
The founder of WhimMill, has more than 20 years of experience leading research and development teams to produce pioneering research and products. WhimMill, the 3rd of three tech-based ventures he has helped to found, capitalizes on Chris’s accumulated wealth of location-based knowledge and experience and an ever-growing passion for creating innovative placed-enhanced products and services. In his down time Chris likes to write stories, play all types of games and think about whether he will build a giant treehouse someday or a giant robot.


Managing Partner/HOW

Hacking Oracle of Whim

Joseph Tzeng
Joseph has more than 10 years of software design and development experience. He loves writing software because it has infinite possibilities and he’ll never get bored even for just doing code refactoring. Apart from trying to become a better software engineer, his next goal is to become a visual designer, hoping to see the world in a different way. Outside of work, he enjoys watching j-drama and anime and eating sushi. (Yes, all Japanese, even if he is from Taiwan and lives in the U.S.) Last but not least, joining WhimMill has been the best decision in his life.


Managing Partner/WHA

Whim Hack Administrator 

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Rob Pendleton

Rob has more than 10 years experience managing and working within software development teams. Always trying to get the most bang for the buck, his focus is primarily on keeping feature sets simple and lean while providing maximum benefit to customers. When not working on or thinking about FeetHere Rob spends his free time playing video games and tries to avoid destruction by his cats.